We turn content into assets


Media touches, convinces, informs and often has relevance for the past, present or future. But if they are not well produced or cannot be found in the digital asset management, they remain mere bits and bytes. The value of photos, audios, videos and documents is not recognised or is permanently lost.

Media should be interesting, quickly found and distributed in a targeted and controlled way. Our mission is therefore: We make assets out of media. From the archive to the cloud, we always keep an eye on increasing the value of your media: from production to digital asset collections and distribution via other channels.

  • We provide support as early as the evaluation of suitable media management software and help to build up digital media collections.
  • Our content management team analyses existing databases and helps to structure processes and brings order to a flood of images and media that may seem unmanageable at first glance.
  • The picture editorial team has been working successfully for years with experienced, first-class photographers from your network and organises photo shoots around the globe.
  • Our art buying team quickly finds the right motifs for your campaign with a trained eye and the necessary portion of creativity. We know the purchasing processes of photo agencies and can facilitate these for you.
  • We tap into historical photos and content in various archives and work up the roots of entrepreneurial success stories in a targeted manner for internal and external communication.

We know, live and love the interplay between the production of media, their procurement, the upgrading of media to assets in dealing with software applications and a controlled, digital distribution. Along with heart and mind, these are the foundations for our long-standing customer relationships. See for yourself: